ARC copies + Preorder Time!

I’ve been trying to write up this little post since I got my books a few weeks back! Well my ARC copies – Advance Reader Copies! But at first I was just so excited and then once that lessened a bit I wasn’t quite able to put the excitement down on ‘paper’, so to speak.

The book is so pretty and it’s so weird to have an actual book. It’s been so long in the making it’s almost hard to believe. After all the editing and re-writing and just general stuff that takes way longer than one would think – it’s an actual book! And this isn’t even the hard cover  which I’m thinking is going to be even more awesome!

Here are some photos of the books! Just because!Bound To You Cover

Bound To You Cover

Bound To You Cover

Bound To You -
Bound To You - Dedication

Bound To You Back

Bound To You Cover

Don’t you just love them? They’re even prettier for reals neither my camera nor my photographing skills really dosen’t do them justice!

Can’t wait for April 10th!

If you want to pre-order a copy (or two, books make great gifts) you can do that at any of these retailers!
Google Books
Apple iTunes


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