The Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Westeros!

So, having re-watched all of Game of Thrones over the past months, I’ve now finished it again (for the fourth time? wow I’m such a dork). And thought it would be fun to do a rundown of Game of Thrones most eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes!

But before we get to our single and unmarried contestants, let’s look at the two couples that have declared their love and more or less seem to be a done deal.

I’m not including the Mother of Dragon / Jon Snow here, because despite boat sex they have alot of issues to work through before I’d say they’re off the market and ready to ride off into the susent (just to start with being aunt/ newphew, him being the “real” heir, her burning his BFF’s family to death, the north’s reaction to him bending the knee, the north not trusting Tagaryens etc. That’s without the fact that their “romance” is the most lackluster and unbelivable one GoT have produced in all it’s 7 seasons.)

So, anyways, GoT established cannon ships:

Missandei + Grey Worm

Sam + Gilley

Whether these couples will live to the end of the series is debatable (my bet is either Grey Worm or Missandei will meet their maker before the end of season 8 BUT that both Sam and Gilly and Little Sam will survive) but I count these characters as done deals and off the market.

Now let’s start with a list of Westeros most eligible bachelors

Jon Snow

Look at that cutie pie! No wonder all the ladies want him. Not only is he handsome, brooding and know “how to do that thing with his tongue” but also the real heir to the Iron Throne. Formerly King in the North and Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Slightly obsessed with fighting the Night King and saving the world, but hey, everyone gotta have a hobby.

Jamie Lannister

Formerly of the King’s Guard, this hunky military man with a hand of gold is all about getting the job done and getting back to his BAE.  Once threw a child out a window, been hot and heavy with his sister for the past two or so decades but is newly single and born to one richest and most well-known families of Westeros. Since he’s finally determined to be on the side of good and now some might call him a real catch.

 Ser Jorah Mormont

This knight might be getting a bit old but he still got plenty of fight left him in. Sure, back in the days he sold some slaves, attempted to poison his Queen and just recently recovered from grayscale, but he’s loyal despite constantly being friend-zoned. Very much team!dragon this one.

Gendry (Baratheon)

This charming smith might have been born in the gutter but he’s got some powerful friends these days. Also kind of the heir to the Stormlands (if bastards counted…or someone legitimized him.) Good with a hammer, fantastic abs and those baby blues aren’t half bad either. One hell of a rower.

Euron Greyjoy

Perhaps calling this “King” an eligible bachelor is a bit of stretch but he sure is looking for a lady love. Somewhat crazy with a real passion for killing and maiming and one heck of a fleet (mysteriously built by people living on Islands free of trees) makes him a real catch for the right type of lady.

Tyrion Lannister

This smirking slightly vertically challenged rebel (who until this last year was one of the best military and political minds around) has a real knack for surviving even against impossible odds. Likes his wine but knows things so that makes it okay. Saved all of King’s Landing by blowing the bay up with Wildfire and strangled his ex and killed his dad but other than that he’s pretty much kept his nose clean. On team!dragon… right?


Knighted, is owed a castle (or is it two?) by the Lannisters (and they always pay their debts, right?) and one heck of a fighter, A true friend to the highest bidder, saving you from Dragonfire and other dangers only found in Westeros, Bronn could possibly make some lady really (un)happy given the chance.


This Wilding is a real man’s man. With his rugged red beard and rumbling accent, he’s sure to turn heads at parties. Not very interested in politics, but do enjoy killing people. May or may not have shagged a bear.


Loyal, sweet and in possession of a magic cock. In training to become a knight. Almost adorable enough to rival a puppy. What more could a girl want?


*Note: Theon not make the list, on the account of him lacking certain bits. And because he’s going to be too busy rescuing his sister and getting revenge on Euron to shack up with anyone. The Hound also didn’t make it on here too because I don’t think he’s really on the market.

Now on to the ladies

Sansa Stark

This tall redhead is the current Lady of Winterfell, preparing it and the North for the wars to come. Has had a bit of a rough go at it, spending most of her life surrounded by her enemies being betrothed and married off with more frequency than anyone else. Fed her ex-husband to his dogs and arranged a sham trial (and sentenced to death) her somewhat pedophilic super shady mentor but generally prefers lemon cakes and sewing to violence.

Brienne of Tarth

She might be able to kill you and have no interest in being called Lady, but if you’re looking for someone with a heart of gold and more honor than anyone – look no further than this built lady.

 Daenerys Targaryen

(First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons)

A silver-haired beauty (with too many names) has two terrifying (and beautiful?) dragons that she occasionally uses to burn people. Dreams of creating a better world once she’s taken the Iron Throne but has so far been a little iffy on her execution of both maintaining law and order in the places she’s conquered and waging war. Really hot. Impervious to fire. Good at making rousing speeches.

Arya Stark

So far has been very focused on killing the people on her list, but with her growing up, might she find time for some love? One never knows. As a member of House Stark and a formidable fighter, this little (possibly slightly sociopathic) firecracker might just be some guy’s dream!

Cersei Lannister

Last but not least, the current Queen of Westeros. A fan of blowing things up with Wildfire, fucking her relatives and making clever plans that tend to backfire on her. Pregnant with her brother’s fourth child and seems to favor the color black rather than the Lannister reds these days. Selfish and power hungry but did really love her children (before she got them all killed.)

* Note: I have no included the Red Woman in this nor Yara. The Red Woman because she’s actually old and kind of weird and scary and Yara because she’s more focused on taking back the Iron Island than shacking up with anyone.


Who’s your favorite? Who marries who? (Does anyone marry anyone?) Who lives? Who dies? Did I forget any “eligible” characters? Who do you ship? Is there even a point in shipping anyone on GoT?

The Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Westeros!


More Game of Thrones – Season 7 Ending Thoughts!

Okay so second GoT post in a row. Still kind of obsessing over it and need to vent a little about the end of season 7 and everything that’s been going down and change some predictions.

I’m still pretty sure about Jon staying alive but with all the talk of Dany not being able to have babies (which means she can) I’m starting to worry Game of Thrones is going to turn into Babies Ever After.  Okay, that probably won’t happen since it is GoT after all, but it does seem like the chances of Dany having a bun in the oven from the boat sex is likely.


So I feel like I should correct my earlier ‘no-no that’s not going to happen’ thing. I guess something like it is going to happen. In the show. I really hope/ don’t think it will in the books. But what do I know! Anyway, a possibly Jon-Dany pregnancy is going to cause quite a bit of trouble (if there is enough time to have actual thoughts about it. It might end up being a ‘I’m knocked up-oh no- I’m dead‘ situation).

We have a few issues and depending on what order the character get the info it will change how they handle it.

Let’s say Jon and Dany learn about Jon being the ‘true’ (at this point does it even matter whose the throne is by inheritance?) heir to the Iron Throne before Dany learns she’s up the duff.  Her reaction might range from murderous to miffed to Dany suggesting they marry to strengthen both their claims (she thought she’d marry her brother for most of her life so she won’t have a problem with the incest) or Jon might denounce his ‘claim’ and that will be end of it. Or she could be all super hormonal pissed about it. But it seems they’re making Dany more heroic and stuff, so she’ll probably be okay with it.

If Dany tells him she’s pregnant, even before any of that Jon will probably insist they marry because of his whole bastard issue and they’ll probably be happy about it. (Until Jon learns she’s his aunt, but then it will be too late and he’ll be like ‘whatever’ after a minute).

Their marriage, from either baby-issues or Tag Iron Throne claim, might fuck things up even more with the northers for Jon (more bending the knee) or not. They might be all, right, we have a northern as King of all of the seven kingdoms Go Team! They seem pretty fickle, first not following Jon, then following him, then wanting to make Sansa their Queen.

Sansa (and Arya?) will probably not like the Jon/Dany thing, no matter what form it takes. She was all annoyed about him bending the knee, actually putting a ring on it might really piss her off. At this point maybe Arya and Sansa are on the same “team” and along with the rest of the north will be Anti-Dany, which along with the Targaryen revelation might put some distance between them and Jon. They won’t like being expected to ‘kneel’ to the south again, now that they have reclaimed their home and the north and killed off Little Finger. Not sure. With the NK coming and stuff though, they might get with the program and be all “go dragons” though.

Overall though I liked 7×07. It was a lot more enjoyable than episode 6, which made no sense time-wise or motivation-wise. It was just for the Dany saving them/ Jon being stupidly heroic thing + so the WW would get a dragon. 7×06 was my least favorite episode of the WHOLE series. Seriously I’d rather do the Red Wedding again. All of season 7 and some of 6 have been a bit less awesome though, probably because that’s where the source material ends and GRRM haven’t been involved.

Anyways ep. 7 had lots of things happen and it felt like we made some progress. Dany showed off her dragon. Cerci was being her Cerci self – saying one thing and doing another and always having a devious plan. The Starks took down Little Finger, in a rather unsatisfying way, but whatever. Jon got to be honorable which fucked things up. As Always.



Starks and their honor

I got a little bit of a ‘aww cute’ for the Dany/ Jon moment at the dragon pit but I’m still not feeling the pairing. It’s like when you have those two friends you thought would be great together and you set them up and they’re like “okay we’re supposed to like each other, we’re both hot and stuff so let’s sleep together” because people expect it. That’s where I’m at with the Dany/Jon thing right now. For me it’s more of a “we’re both pretty and young and have power so lets hook up” than true love vibe going on.

Despite it being a little convenient I liked how we got Bran and Sam figuring out Jon’s parentage parallel to him and Dany sleeping together. Thumbs up for that. I’m just not really sure what they’re going to do with Jon being the true heir, the Dany relationship or the Great War. Is Dany going to be the “Princess that was Promised” via her and Jons baby and die (along with her dragons) in season 8 while defeating the WW and the “Final Battle” will then be Jon leading her armies to destroy Cerci?


Is Jon vs. Cerci going to be the last war? Jon + Dany vs. Cerci + Euron?

I still refuse to believe the war with the WWs is the final battle. But maybe it will be. It won’t in the books but in the show it might…still I hope it will be something else and I really would have liked a Jon vs Dany conflict. I feel like that would really fit in with the whole show. Having the story’s two “heroes” got to war against each other for reasons we understand and agree with (on both sides) and us not knowing not quite who to root for.

Not sure, but for now I’m going to (try to) put Game Of Thrones out of my mind since it’s going to be more than a year (some say spring 19) until we get the last season. It’s going to be really interesting to see how D&D will wrap everything up and I really hope it’s at least going to be moderately satisfying.

I do wish they’d throw in a little more politics and shades of gray but with most power-hungry families blown up (or poisoned or set on fire and) Little Finger gone and pretty much everyone but Cerci and Euron on the same team it’s beginning to look like ‘white-ish team’ (Dany & Jon), ‘dark-gray’ (Cerci & Euron) and ‘black’ team (the White Walkers) instead of lots of shades of gray.

Speaking of gray, right now Jamie really is the most interesting of the bunch (he’s always been).  By their relationship to him Brienne, Cerci, Brom and Tyrion are also interesting. Jamie got his past, his present with Cerci and their possible baby as well as what his conscious, honor and heart tells him.  He is also the one character I don’t feel like I got pegged right now. Is he off to join the Starks/ Dany – how will that go? Or what? What’s his plan? What’s his next step? Will he find redemption? Will he return to Cerci? Will he actually fight against her?

He’s the wild card while the rest of the cast… I feel I got pretty well pegged.

Team Dany + Jon are planning to fight the WW. They will be joining up with Team Stark at Winterfell. They’ll fight the walkers and (at some point) win but with lots of casualties.

Maybe Dany and Jon will get married, maybe Jon will denounce his claim to the throne and end things because Dany is his aunt, but then with her probably ending up preggers change his mind? Whatever personal drama, I can’t really invest since I’m pretty sure she will die (she is a tragic hero to me, and doomed to fail) and I don’t feel like Jon knows/ loves her enough for her death to be emotionally devastating. It’s also like on one hand – zombies are coming to kill everyone and then other hand these people just hooked up and might be into each other. I mean you don’t watch Game of Thrones for the romance. So it’s like whatever. I’m more interested in how the Starks / Jon dynamic will be affected by his Dany relationship.

Team Cerci will be all ‘power, power, me want’ and she might go, full Mad Queen, if/when she loses her baby (and hears Jamie is dead). I’m thinking things will end tragically, but Cerci as Queen and actually ruling and commanding armies isn’t as interesting as it was when there was actual political maneuvering. And her costumes suck these days. And why isn’t her hair growing?

Those are our two teams. Jon and Dany will be off defeating the WW. Cerci will be conquering the seven kingdoms. I feel like that’s all rather predictable (but with GoT something totally unexpected could happen, but as of last few seasons it’s been pretty lacking in the OMG I didn’t see that coming department). At least one more dragon + ice dragon will probably die. I’m thinking Dany and Jamie too. After that it will finish off with some sort of big battle between actual human armies. Because the show is called the Game of Thrones not The Wall Comes Down or Team Jon vs Winter.

Whether it ends up being Cerci vs. the Starks/ Tag (which seems more likely than my original Targaryen vs. Targaryen theory), or something else remains to be seen. Maybe Dany will go Mad Queen instead of Cerci. Maybe Jon’s death causes it (even though I still don’t think he’ll die, but it would be interesting if he did). Or Dany will lose another baby but live herself and that will cause some Mad Queen stuff. Maybe we’ll have two pregnant Queens fighting the last battle and it will end up being called the ‘Battle of the Bellies’ like some funny person suggested (that’d be awesome)!

As for the absolute end predictions, I’m still thinking Sansa (possibly Jon) in Winterfell years after the end of the show (once it’s been rebuilt). The Iron Throne either melted to nothing or a bunch of new families struggling to get power. Dany + the dragons dead, but maybe she will get to sit on the throne first. I don’t think Jon will take the Iron Throne, but with how they’re playing things it seems more and more possible. Before I didn’t think Jon on the throne was possible, but now with him legit, I’m upgrading it to a possibly-maybe. Just because this for reals would be awesome!


My death predictions are quite similar to my previous post. I still think Jon will live. Even if the whole The Lone Wolf Dies Sansa speech (lone-wolf has been Jon/ Arya for most of the show and now Arya is home but Jon is not) but then again he’s not a Stark. But he is, because he said Ned was Theon’s dad no matter what, which clearly applies to him. And him dying might be a trigger for Dany somehow. So not as 100% sure he’ll survive but still pretty sure.

I’m still thinking Dany is the one who will die. Ghost and Sansa will live, Arya and Cerci will die (or Arya will go discover what’s west of Westeros). Tyrion will live (DxD love him too much). Brom too. The thing I really changed my mind about is I now believe Jamie will die for a Stark, completing his redemption arc. Maybe Bran. Or Sansa, since she has a connection with the tower Bran, was pushed out from; it was where she lit a light for help when escaping from Ramsey. (Brienne would remember and maybe they’d use the system again? And if she and Jamie meet up, he’d go with her and they’d save Sansa together and Jamie would die – I’m just not sure from what since there aren’t a whole lot enemies left in Winterfell with LF gone.) I also think Brienne will live which I was a little iffy on in my first post.

As predicted/spoiled Little Finger died in episode 7, in a quite unsatisfying way. I mean all the Starks did was throw some accusations out there and execute him on the spot. Not cool. Balish not having a clue or a trick up his sleeve + him begging for his life felt kind of out of character.

It seems Tormund died at the Wall (maybe?). We didn’t get a hound/ mountain showdown which I thought was going to happen so that was a little disappointing. And it seems Gendry has been put back on a boat – maybe he died as the Wall fell too? We didn’t see him so let’s hope not. Maybe he’s just been hiding on Dany’s boat, chilling out. I really hope so because I want a Arya / Gendry reunion. Not sure what I’d want (I don’t ship them as a couple) from their meet but I do know I want them to reunite. Same for Arya and Sansa both meeting the Hound again.


I guess we’ll see how it all turns out in 2019!

Game of Thrones – Why Jon Won’t Die and Other Predictions!

So I’ve recently become an obsessive Game of Thrones fan. I mean I usually marathon-ed each season after it was done airing, hating to wait between each ep, but last year I was just like ‘mmm no, I don’t have time and I just get annoyed because there is still so long until the end’ so I skipped it. So instead I watched some of season 5 and all of season 6 right before the start of season 7. And now I can’t stop obsessing over it. It’s really very annoying.

Anyway, on to my whole “Jon Snow Won’t Die” theory. Martin has said the ending will be bittersweet (or as Ramsey put it “if you thought this had a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention”). Lots of people think that means Jon will die or the Starks will die or Jon and Dany will hook up and fall in love and then one of them will die and leave the other with their magic perfect Stark/ Targaryen baby to rule the seven kingdoms with Tyrion as his hand.

Um. No. Sorry to break it to you. That’s not going to happen. Nuhu. No. Nope. Not a chance.


Best ending ever: All the characters die along with the WW. Pod will get the Iron Throne and together with all the whores in Kings Landing repopulate the world. LOL. No. Let’s be serious.

Sure, people will die. They’ll be dropping like flies this season most likely and in season 8 even more people will bite the dust. Before the end Little Finger, Cerci, possibly Arya and most definitively Dany will be gone (along with lots of other minor characters).

But Jon Snow (Targaryen) will not die.

The reasons why: he has already died once, he asked the Red Lady not to bring him back if he died again and finally because we kind of expect it.

A) Having him die once and then die again… I’m not sure if that makes sense. Especially since he died to bring the Free Folk and NW men together. I think Jon is going to somehow broker a peace between the WW and the Seven Kingdoms in season 8, and having him die for the ‘same’ reason (ie bringing two peoples peace) is not good storytelling. I don’t think so anyway.

B) He asked the Red Woman not to bring him back if he died during the Battle of Bastards, meaning he was sort of ready to die. I mean he was in a pretty bad head space at that point but still. I think Jon has always been ready to sacrifice himself, and it’s almost something he wants. I’m not saying he’s suicidal, just that he’s ready and willing to die for the right cause/ the people he loves. So he won’t. Simple Martin/ GoT logic 😛

C) Because we’ve been told the ending is bittersweet, it’s easy to think that means Jon dying for the “cause”  remembered by all as a hero. But I for one don’t buy that. I don’t even buy the whole final battle between the “dead and living” that’s too simple, too predictable. I don’t think it will go down like that at all (more on that in the Season 8 prediction section).

The bittersweet ending will probably be Lord of the Ring-ish, with Frodo never being the same but still alive. GRR Martain has said he was inspired by this when he first started the series, but we’ll see if D&D does something else. But this show has killed off so many characters so we’ve come to expect it almost. So they won’t do that with Jon.


Cheer up Jon! You might not know anything, but you’ll live!

So, those are my reason to why I think Jon will live. I also think, that in a twist that gives him both what he wants and not, I think he’ll become Lord of Winterfell and possibly end up marrying his half-sister/ cousin Sansa. Even if that’s a bit icky and with the incest parallels with Jamie/Cercsie might not go down.

Still, if Jon is ending up with anyone, Sansa makes a weird sort of sense, even more so in the books. Sure there is the incest-factor or the “we were siblings growing up and are now cousins.” But come on. This is Westeros. Marrying your cousin was totally normal, DanyxJon is happening in season 7 (and nephew/ aunt is about the same as cousin/cousin). Sansa and Jon never spent much time together as kids when they meet at Castle Black they’re pretty much strangers (especially since they hadn’t seen each other in like 5 years).


Best reunion ever!

So other than the related bit it makes sense. Sansa has been engaged and married to a bunch of total assholes (mostly Joffery and Ramsey, but the Tyrell guy (gay) and Tyrion (a middle-aged Lannister dwarf) weren’t exactly awesome matches either). There is also the Egg and Dunk Ashford tournament theory with the five suitors matching Sansas “suitors” and the last one is a Targaryen…and right now in the show the only male Targaryen around is Jon.

Anyway Sansa has had it pretty rough since day one (Lady, her direwolf was put to death, she was engaged to Joffery the cunt, had to watch her father be beheaded, was tormented at court, married off to Tyrion, had to escape after Joffrey’s death and then she ended up married to Ramsey an even bigger cunt. All while LF has been creeping around her being, well, creepy) and her story focus have always been who she should marry. Since day 1 she’s wanted to marry a prince and have babies. So either she’ll die or marry someone “…brave, gentle and strong…(That boy (Joffery) is no Prince Aemon, you must believe me.”) (book) like her father promised. Jon is a brave, gentle and strong + a Targaryen prince…or well king…both King in the North and the heir to the Iron Throne. He’s exactly what she wants…except she grew up being an ass to him, thinking of him as a bastard (mostly due to her mother hating him) so getting him would fulfill her dreams but in a totally weird way. Very Martin.

Same with Jon. He clearly wants to be a Stark, in the books he dreams of a family of his own, of being Lord of Winterfell and I think that kind of comes through a bit in the show too. He wants to not be a bastard and he wants to marry and have a family. He just gave that up to join the NW because he thought he never could have it. He always put everyone else first, always thinking he’s not really worthy because he is a Bastard. In the show Sansa has already made him feel more like a Stark than anyone (giving him a cloak like their fathers, saying he is a Stark to her etc) And we know he likes red-heads 😛

Them shacking up might make sense politically too, if it became known Jon was a Targaryen. Marrying the Lady of Winterfell would show he is still committed to the north. It might be something like that at first, just like with Cat and Ned, even though there are  some kind of interesting vibes between Jon and Sansa already (“Where will you go?” “Where will we go.” // The cloak / dress scene // Fight + the candle lights + “I won’t ever let him touch you again” // beating the crap out of Ramsey //bedroom conversation + forehead kiss// sitting together at the head of the table when Jon was named king // arguing like an old married couple // the whole “touch my sister and I will kill you myself” and slamming LF against the wall just like Ned back in season 1 for Cat. Of course, all those could just be explained as brotherly love and Jon wanting to protect the only family he has left. IDK).

I’m not sure if I ship them, but they do make sense in a GoT type of way, if they do decide to marry people off in the end. The only other possible match I see for Sansa is Gendry, if he’s legitimized, and to make the whole thing come full circle (with Ned and Rob B “joining” their house together like they wanted back in season 1). I kind of like that idea, because it would add some to the Sansa/Genry/Arya conflict.

But other than Gendry, Jon is the only guy left who makes sense for Sansa. But the show probably won’t go with Jonsa way because of possible backlash with the sibling thing and they’re doing the Jon/Dany thing (or so it seems). But it is still an interesting match. Sophie and Kit have good chemistry even if there is still a bit of incest ick. There are some people shipping it (here) but I expect that with the recent first meet of Dany and Jon there will be plenty of folks shipping the two Targaryens.

For me Dany and Jon… I just don’t see that. I mean, sure they’ll probably rip each other’s clothes off and fuck because…fanservice? but long term Dany and Jon wouldn’t work. She’d get bored, he’d feel weird about her sometimes “let’s kill/burn some people” vibes and he doesn’t want to be king and all she wants is be Queen and sit on the world’s most uncomfortable chair. And they’re both pretty suck-y leaders (Dany more than Jon) so them ruling Westeros together would blow the whole world up or something. But mostly because their stories don’t match.

Sure, they both had their first love die. Kind of because of them. And they’ve both risen to power. They have the whole fire and ice thing (even if Jon is both Ice and Fire, I think it’s fair to say Jon has more of a connection to ice at this point and Dany to fire). But Jon has struggled, building himself up from nothing and never asking for power. He’s looking out for everyone and it got him KILLED. Dany has always been about herself. She takes and been given things because of her name, her dragons and her beauty, not because she is a leader or is working for the good of everyone. People die FOR her, she doesn’t die for THEM.

I mean Dany is hot and seem awesome. Girl power right? But looking closer it’s pretty clear she’s not a very good ruler. She never had any training in how to rule and is very young (but she and Jon are almost the exact same age, both born at the end of the war. Not that Jon is super leader either…but better than her.) She’s selfish, untrustworthy and shortsighted not to mention violent.

She threatened burnt down a city if she wasn’t let in, she broke her promise to trade Drogon for the slave army, crucified all the slavers, put to death a slave that killed a slaver in custody, she wants to “break the wheel” and bring about her new world (which sounds nice and all because Westeros is kind of crappy, but still Adolf Hitler said something pretty danged similar and we all know how that turned out).

She let her dragons burn and eat a man because he was (possibly) in league with her enemies with no trial and killed all the Dothraki Khals and gave a rousing speech about killing people and tearing down the stone houses in Westeros. I’m not saying she has done something worse than any other character, but if she wasn’t a beautiful girl would we love her so much? I mean, what if she was a middle-aged man claiming she had the right to rule the world and stuff? Would she still be as sympathetic? Maybe. Maybe not.


I mean, she’s a cool character and would/will be an awesome “villain” (GoT doesn’t really have straight up villains but you know what I mean). She started off like a pretty innocent character, we felt sympathy for her as she was “sold” and raped, when she lost her baby and Khal Drogo died. Then things start to get a little iffy. Season 2&3 she was mostly confused, trying to survive in any way she could while slowly getting some power. She isn’t evil-evil like Joffery or Ramsey or anything.  She’s a sort of tragic hero, almost godlike figure, fighting her own hubris as much as the cities she burns/ conquers/frees. She has good intentions. She just sucks at implementing them and actually ruling. And that is possibly more dangerous.

She thinks she’s right and good.

She (and lots of other people) thinks she deserves to rule/ sit on the Iron Throne and that her way is THE way. And she has dragons, which means once she gets tired of the whole taking the Seven Kingdoms without too much bloodshed, she can always just get on a dragon and be Queen of the Ashes. I mean seriously, her family motto is “Blood and Fire”. That’s not very encouraging but at the same time, Dany gets things done. Sometimes that is really freaking useful but still. Martin is not a fan of war and Dany “is a conqueror”, just like Daario (and Tyrion?) said back in season 5/6.


Warrior Queen if I ever saw one…

So I don’t see a HEA for Dany and I think Jon will get some sort of OK ending so they can’t match them up. Jon’s ending won’t be ideal but I do think he will be Lord of Winterfell, he will know he’s not a Bastard but a prince/ king. But he will turn the Iron Throne down (if there is one at the end of the series), because all he ever wanted was to be part of a happy normal family. To not be a bastard, to be part of something (like the brotherhood that makes up the NW, which failed big time with them killing him and all).

Or he’ll just live while all other Starks die, Winterfell and Kings Landing might be destroyed and he’ll decide to go traveling off to some distant land (Frodo style). Or he’ll be the new Night King or something like that. Maybe that’s what the “prince that was promised” means, maybe they need a new king every few thousand years. Okay, I don’t really believe that but anything is possible in GoT.

Anyway, that’s my cup of tea. Maybe I’m just desperate for Jon not to die because he’s one of my favorite characters but I think the signs do point to him being alive at the end of season 8.

Now on to some other Game of Thrones stuff. Last year apparently some scripts for season 7 were leaked. Since I’ve been obsessing about the show and needing to know what was going to happen…well I kind of couldn’t help myself.



I know. I know. Part of the fun is not knowing. But It’s just so hard to wait. So I checked out the leaked scrips/ summaries for season 7. I didn’t really mean to read them all, just the 07×4 one. I only wanted to know when Jon would be reunited with Sansa, Arya and Bran and learn he’s actually a Targaryen. But once I got started I couldn’t stop.

Basically it seems like the season will go something like (from 7×04); Dany getting her burning people freak on (Feild of Fire), Jon deciding he needs to capture a wight and goes north to do so, LF playing mind games with Arya and Sansa but them killing him by the end of the season. While beyond the wall Jon will call upon Dany to come help him and his gang, she will bring her dragons, one of them will die and be turned into an ice dragon. She will be pissed, promise to help Jon stop the WW, he will offer to bend the knee if she promises that and they’ll sleep together. Bran and Sam will find proof that Jon is actually a Targaryen (legitimate) and the heir to the iron throne. Cerci will become pregnant but lose the baby. Sansa and Brienne will leave for Kings Landing to see the wight which the others are bringing to the capitol by boat. The wall will fall and the WW will come streaming into Westeros.


Lots of stuff going down, not sure if it’s all going to come true but the first few eps have apparently been pretty accurate. I hope some of it is wrong but I’m going to assume it’s basically right and make some guesses for season 8 based on that.



If all of the leaked stuff turns out to be true, I figure season 8 will open with the north gang + Dany somehow either getting Cerci to work with them or her going Mad Queen and blowing shit up after losing her baby (and possibly Jamie killing her).

Or Dany will just burn it all herself… which might make Jon a tad bit less eager to keep on banging her and might make him change his mind about bending the knee. At this point Arya will arrive, possibly with the documents proving Jon is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. This will not make Dany happy, she will have spent 6.5 seasons declaring herself the one and only rightful queen.

But I imagine they wouldn’t tell her having realized she really-really wants to be queen and Jon has no real interest in the throne. But Jon would probably stop having sex with her which would confuse and piss the heck out of her (since guys always fall all over themselves to be with her). Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, I mean the incest thing isn’t the same in Westeros as it is for us. Sinc Jon would keep his legacy a secret, the whole of the seven kingdoms would have to accept Dany as their queen and turn their armies north. Plus the gang have brought a wight so people will hopefully be taking the WW threat seriously. Even if they didn’t get an army together Jon will going back north once he learned that the Wall had fallen to try to protect his home and stop the army of the dead. (Arya might stay to try to strike Cerci off her list.)

Back home at Winterfell (Sansa still in charge), Bran manages to communicate with the WW, maybe sending himself back in time and seeing/creating the original peace treaty and becoming Bran the builder?  The wall has fallen and the WW are moving closer to them every day. Jon returns, the deal between the WW and the humans are possibly brokered by him and Bran, resulting in the ‘final battle’ not having to happen. (Something like the WW promise not to come south of the wall and the humans must remain on their side and probably some kind of yearly sacrifice like Kraster(? the yucky guy with his daughter-wives or the dragons being killed or sent away).


Remember this?

BUT Dany would refuse this peace treaty.

She does not make peace, she conquers and destroys the way of the peoples she takes over completely. She did it in the slave cities (sure stopping slavery is a noble goal, but it was the way of that city for centuries! Some sort of slow political reform would have been much better and probably caused a whole lot less death and social/ cultural issues) and in a sense with the Dothraki, her trying to change them (stop them from raping and pillaging) was what lead to the death of her husband and child back in season 1. Plus, with the WW killing one of her dragons, one of her children, she would want them ALL dead. Burn them all style. (In that way she and Cerci are quite similar.)

Jon cares more about the people, as we have seen time and time again, with him bringing the Free Folk through the Wall, wanting to save everyone and is big into self-sacrificing, like when he offered to fight Rasmey rather than have thousands of men fight their battles for them. Generally, he isn’t into vengeance (possibly with the exception of Ramsey who ‘stole’ his childhood home, beat and raped his sister/cousin and killed his little cousin/brother right in front of him #shouldazigzagged). That kind of pissed him off. But even there he stopped himself from killing Ramsey.



So Jon would rally the north and possibly reveal his Targaryen heritage as the true heir, to try to get Dany’s followers on his side (or not, he might be able to claim the Stark name via Lyanna too). He might marry Sansa here to secure the north. Or not, the north might follow him despite learning he’s actually Targaryen (if Lyanna Mormont has anything to say about it they will).  Or Jon could make Gendry a Baratheon if Sansa would agree to marry him and they could claim the Iron Throne that way (but if Dany took the throne back Robber’s claim might be totally nullified, then again Cersie has no true claim to the throne either. Not sure how it all would work.)

The Night King would hand over to the ice dragon to Jon / or ride it himself into battle against Dany’s forces and this might turn out to be the final battle.

Jon (Jaeharys) Targaryen vs. Daenerys Targaryen.

Jon will have the alliance with the WW, which will guarantee that the world lives on once Dany agrees to leave Westeros with her dragons – and when she won’t even to save everyone – when her army / her dragons have been defeated. Dany will have a huge army and dragons and the belief that the WW are totally evil, Jon has betrayed her and only by killing them all (and Jon) will she and her dragon babies be safe, even if losing means absolutely everyone in the world dying.

Even if the reason for the war is something else, or the battle with the WW ends and it becomes known Jon has a claim to the throne (and maybe wins the Battle for the Dawn making people go all “we want Jon to be our king, go back to Meereen Dany”). Whatever it is I really think it will be between Jon and Dany. It’s simply the thing that will have the most impact on us all. This will pit everyone against each other.

Dany will be totally upset since she might have fallen for Jon and can’t understand his desire for making peace with monsters (ironic since her dragons are pretty monstrous) and will feel he has betrayed her, Brienne and Jamie (unless he kills Cerci and joins Jon, which seems unlikely) will be on opposite sides, the Mountain and the Hound (unless this happens earlier) will fight it out, Bron and Tyrion (possibly Jamie / Tyrion if Tyrion changes side to Jon) and probably more I can’t think of. Over all, this Dany vs Jon scenario, (not everyone teaming up to fight the WW) would create more emotional stakes and truly make this war a “A villain is a hero of the other side” kind of conflict.

In the end I think the dragons will all be killed (Bran might Warg one, which would be cool, or not since he’s being all ‘I’m the three-eyed raven’ wacky). Dany will also die, probably by ser friend zone or Jon’s hand or the Ice Dragon. Magic might somehow be destroyed again, just like it was 8,000 years ago when the WW disappeared. Kings Landing is destroyed. Westeros is split into seven different self-governing kingdoms, probably with Jon being King in the North, ruling from Winterfell. Or Kings Landing stands and another war about who will be king (once Jon decides he doesn’t want the Iron Throne) will start. The Game of Thrones will have no ending, showing the way that power struggles are eternal and no one ever wins…


Final Fate Character Predictions 


Sansa – Alive, living at Winterfell / Queen in the North. Possibly married to someone because else there will be no more Starks unless she has a kid.

Arya – will be dead at the end of the series, possibly making heroic sacrifice. Or she’ll dying because she can’t let go of her kill list/ revenge. She’s simply to damaged to survive and I think despite her claiming it, she can never really be Arya Stark of Winterfell again. If she could warg, I would say living her life in Nymeria would be her best bet, which I think will be how the book ends.

Brandon – alive, but still the Three Eyed Raven and being all freaky.


Cerci – dead, there really is no way she lives through this after everything she’s done.

Jamie – too soon to tell. possibly alive and going off to start a new life ‘Frodo’ style. Possibly dying while / soon after killing Cerci.

Tyrion – Alive. Just because D&D loves him and so do most fans.


Jon – alive. Possibly at Winterfell/ King in the North or doing a ‘Frodo’ like Jamie.

Dany – dead.


Little Finger – dead. Hopefully Sansa kills him but spoilers claim Arya. We’ll see…

Ghost – I really hope he lives through it all!

Gendry – could go either way, if he survives season 7, I think he might make it out alive. I think he’ll have a reunion with Arya but be shocked by how different she is.

Yara & Euron –  her capture by Euron will end with one of them dead and the boss of the Iron Islands. I’m hoping for Yara but I’m not sure. Could go either way in GoT.

Theon – I think he might mount rescue giving Yara the chance to kill Euron, but end up dying in the attempt but redeeming himself to his sis.

Sam, Gilly, Little Sam – I think the show will make Sam be the one who has been writing “A Song of Ice and Fire” all along. Sam and his little family will be the only ones to really live happily ever after because I think the tone of how he told it would be different if either Gilly or Little Sam was dead. Even if they don’t end up making Sam some sort of weird ‘narrator’ I really hope the Sam clan will get a good ending.

Ser Davos – I really hope he lives! He’s pretty good at staying alive by not being a hero. So either he’ll keep on doing that or he’ll be a hero one time a be dead forever…

Brienne – I think she might die but I really hope she gets to either hook up with Jamie or Tormund first. I mean she seriously deserve some happiness, but with GoT that’s unlikely. I did hear a interesting theory where she is the younger and more beautiful (she has a lot of inner beauty) prophesied Queen that will finally topple Cerci. It would love that but I don’t believe it will happen.

Tormund – if he lives through the WW capture mission he might be okay… which I really hope for because I want more Brienne/ Tormund.

Ser Friend Zoned – will die. Either on the mission to capture the WW or in some sort of final battle. I really hope Dany is there when he does die and actually one time tells him she actually loves him (in whatever way, daughterly, friendly or in love-love. I mean seriously, their send offs / reunions are the only times Dany seem to have emotions these days…)


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