The Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Westeros!

So, having re-watched all of Game of Thrones over the past months, I’ve now finished it again (for the fourth time? wow I’m such a dork). And thought it would be fun to do a rundown of Game of Thrones most eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes!

But before we get to our single and unmarried contestants, let’s look at the two couples that have declared their love and more or less seem to be a done deal.

I’m not including the Mother of Dragon / Jon Snow here, because despite boat sex they have alot of issues to work through before I’d say they’re off the market and ready to ride off into the susent (just to start with being aunt/ newphew, him being the “real” heir, her burning his BFF’s family to death, the north’s reaction to him bending the knee, the north not trusting Tagaryens etc. That’s without the fact that their “romance” is the most lackluster and unbelivable one GoT have produced in all it’s 7 seasons.)

So, anyways, GoT established cannon ships:

Missandei + Grey Worm

Sam + Gilley

Whether these couples will live to the end of the series is debatable (my bet is either Grey Worm or Missandei will meet their maker before the end of season 8 BUT that both Sam and Gilly and Little Sam will survive) but I count these characters as done deals and off the market.

Now let’s start with a list of Westeros most eligible bachelors

Jon Snow

Look at that cutie pie! No wonder all the ladies want him. Not only is he handsome, brooding and know “how to do that thing with his tongue” but also the real heir to the Iron Throne. Formerly King in the North and Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Slightly obsessed with fighting the Night King and saving the world, but hey, everyone gotta have a hobby.

Jamie Lannister

Formerly of the King’s Guard, this hunky military man with a hand of gold is all about getting the job done and getting back to his BAE.  Once threw a child out a window, been hot and heavy with his sister for the past two or so decades but is newly single and born to one richest and most well-known families of Westeros. Since he’s finally determined to be on the side of good and now some might call him a real catch.

 Ser Jorah Mormont

This knight might be getting a bit old but he still got plenty of fight left him in. Sure, back in the days he sold some slaves, attempted to poison his Queen and just recently recovered from grayscale, but he’s loyal despite constantly being friend-zoned. Very much team!dragon this one.

Gendry (Baratheon)

This charming smith might have been born in the gutter but he’s got some powerful friends these days. Also kind of the heir to the Stormlands (if bastards counted…or someone legitimized him.) Good with a hammer, fantastic abs and those baby blues aren’t half bad either. One hell of a rower.

Euron Greyjoy

Perhaps calling this “King” an eligible bachelor is a bit of stretch but he sure is looking for a lady love. Somewhat crazy with a real passion for killing and maiming and one heck of a fleet (mysteriously built by people living on Islands free of trees) makes him a real catch for the right type of lady.

Tyrion Lannister

This smirking slightly vertically challenged rebel (who until this last year was one of the best military and political minds around) has a real knack for surviving even against impossible odds. Likes his wine but knows things so that makes it okay. Saved all of King’s Landing by blowing the bay up with Wildfire and strangled his ex and killed his dad but other than that he’s pretty much kept his nose clean. On team!dragon… right?


Knighted, is owed a castle (or is it two?) by the Lannisters (and they always pay their debts, right?) and one heck of a fighter, A true friend to the highest bidder, saving you from Dragonfire and other dangers only found in Westeros, Bronn could possibly make some lady really (un)happy given the chance.


This Wilding is a real man’s man. With his rugged red beard and rumbling accent, he’s sure to turn heads at parties. Not very interested in politics, but do enjoy killing people. May or may not have shagged a bear.


Loyal, sweet and in possession of a magic cock. In training to become a knight. Almost adorable enough to rival a puppy. What more could a girl want?


*Note: Theon not make the list, on the account of him lacking certain bits. And because he’s going to be too busy rescuing his sister and getting revenge on Euron to shack up with anyone. The Hound also didn’t make it on here too because I don’t think he’s really on the market.

Now on to the ladies

Sansa Stark

This tall redhead is the current Lady of Winterfell, preparing it and the North for the wars to come. Has had a bit of a rough go at it, spending most of her life surrounded by her enemies being betrothed and married off with more frequency than anyone else. Fed her ex-husband to his dogs and arranged a sham trial (and sentenced to death) her somewhat pedophilic super shady mentor but generally prefers lemon cakes and sewing to violence.

Brienne of Tarth

She might be able to kill you and have no interest in being called Lady, but if you’re looking for someone with a heart of gold and more honor than anyone – look no further than this built lady.

 Daenerys Targaryen

(First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons)

A silver-haired beauty (with too many names) has two terrifying (and beautiful?) dragons that she occasionally uses to burn people. Dreams of creating a better world once she’s taken the Iron Throne but has so far been a little iffy on her execution of both maintaining law and order in the places she’s conquered and waging war. Really hot. Impervious to fire. Good at making rousing speeches.

Arya Stark

So far has been very focused on killing the people on her list, but with her growing up, might she find time for some love? One never knows. As a member of House Stark and a formidable fighter, this little (possibly slightly sociopathic) firecracker might just be some guy’s dream!

Cersei Lannister

Last but not least, the current Queen of Westeros. A fan of blowing things up with Wildfire, fucking her relatives and making clever plans that tend to backfire on her. Pregnant with her brother’s fourth child and seems to favor the color black rather than the Lannister reds these days. Selfish and power hungry but did really love her children (before she got them all killed.)

* Note: I have no included the Red Woman in this nor Yara. The Red Woman because she’s actually old and kind of weird and scary and Yara because she’s more focused on taking back the Iron Island than shacking up with anyone.


Who’s your favorite? Who marries who? (Does anyone marry anyone?) Who lives? Who dies? Did I forget any “eligible” characters? Who do you ship? Is there even a point in shipping anyone on GoT?

The Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Westeros!


My Timeless Season 2 Finale Wish List

So, I told myself I was going to post something about my book coming out a few weeks back. I really did not mean to post two Timeless posts back to back. Because this is not a blog about Timeless or even TV-shows, it’s about books…and writing tips…well, it’s supposed to be anyways.

But with only one week to go until Timeless is over for this year (because I refuse to accept the possibility of Timeless being canceled!) I had to write and post this little “wish list” for my hopes and dreams and expectations of Timeless’ season 2’s finale!

timeless season 2 finale

Things I want in 2×09 + 2×10! 

Obviously SPOILERS for 2×08 – The Day Reagan Was Shot

Also this promo

With no further ado, here is a list of questions I want answered, characters I want more of and all around stuff that I think would be awesome to see in season 2’s finale (and/or season 3).

1. Jessica explained


So even before the OMG WHAT? ending of 2×08, I think most of us were kind of freaked about Jessica and wondering WTF she was doing and how she was alive along with a number of other things.

Is she Rittenhouse? (At this point most signs point to Yes, right?)

How is she alive? How did Rittenhouse manage it? Did they time travel back and pick her up and save her that way (and maybe she was always alive and that’s why Wyatt going back to save her didn’t work)?

Or did they go back and recruit her long before that night she was meant to die?


Most important – why did they save her? I doubt it was to make Wyatt feel less guilty…

Was it Carol Preston’s last attempt to get Lucy to join Rittenhouse/ come back to her? How did they even know Lucy/Wyatt was a thing (maybe it was as obvious to them as to the rest of us)?

Was it just to mess up the team dynamic?

Did they hope to change things so Wyatt never was on the time team (he only remembered Jessica being dead because they were in Hollywood when Rittenhouse ‘went back’ and saved her – if they had been in present – the time team’s memory would have just changed too, right?) and if Jessica hadn’t died, Wyatt’s life might have looked very different (even if it does seem like he ended up on the Time Team anyways.)

Clearly, something shady is going on with her and the mysterious alive brother – which parallels the two brothers on tonight’s episode – and the “pregnancy” which feels very much like a way to distract the hell out of Wyatt and stop him from asking questions. (Fangirlish awesome review of the ep. points out the different possible pregnancy scenarios.) Frankly out of the ladies in the Bunker isn’t Lucy the most likely to be the one with a “bun in the oven” after that spontaneous night in 1941? (I mean I hope not, due to large amounts of vodka she’s consumed since, but would still make more sense than Jessica.)

On to the next question is, if she’s Rittenhouse, even as a ‘sleeper’ then why hasn’t she DONE anything (other than make all Lyatt fans hate her)?


Rittenhouse wants Lucy dead (and the rest of the gang too) and they want the time machine, either for themselves or destroyed. Why not just blow the bunker to hell as soon as Jessica called in and told them where she was (and don’t pretend Rittenhouse wouldn’t kill one of their ‘own’). Or does she not know where the bunker is? She seems to have access to the internet so getting a message to RH wouldn’t be that hard, would it?

So what if she not Rittenhouse? Or is she part of some sub-group of Rittenhouse with a different plan than the Carol/Emma/Nicholas fraction? Something else entirely?

I really hope we get answers to most of these questions and then I figure Jessica will die (or maybe they could stand her in the past.) She’s just not interesting enough and once Wyatt realizes he loves Lucy and Jessica is revealed as Rittenhouse I’m not sure she has a future.

2. The Journal Explained

We got a hint of this at the end – five years from now (or so) – Lucy will go back in time to give Flynn the journal. For some reason. I mean obvs, he needs it since it’s the catalyst for everything.

One of my theories is that the journal is from a totally different timeline entirely – like maybe one where Lucy is actually part of Rittenhouse?

And in that alternate reality, things played out very differently? Because clearly, Lucy knew who killed Flynn’s family when writing (will know when she writes it? time travel. confusing.) the journal and who a lot of people in RH were (and that for example, her mother was Rittenhouse) but she didn’t put those things in the journal. Why would she not put those bits of crucial information in the journal?

Maybe she would join/ be recruited into RH not knowing what it was really about? Maybe she was approached by her bio dad after her mother died in the original timeline? Then much later figured out their plans?

Maybe there are different ‘fractions’ of Rittenhouse? How else could Ethan Cahill have gathered all that info that they used to take down RH but a large chunk of the organization survived? Why else would Lucy’s mom say everyone was ‘so proud’ of her. Maybe they used her to take down another fraction of their organization, leaving only their (more zealous) group?

So maybe the journal is from a totally different timeline we’ve already completely diverged from? Or is it all a loop? Will the series end (in five years :D) with Lucy going back to give Flynn the journal that starts everything?

I don’t think we’ll touch much more on the journal in this season, but I really would love to know more about it and where it is RIGHT NOW! What happened to it? Lucy had it when her mom kidnapped her, right? Does Rittenhouse have it now? And if so, is that why Lucy didn’t put everything in it? Did she know it would end up in enemy hands? Did something in the journal make them bring back Jessica? Because she wrote Wyatt was obsessed with her death? Did she write stuff in there to throw RH off? Hey, that’s actually a fun theory!

3. Lyatt




So if we don’t get some of the Lyatt angst resolved in the finale I’m going be seriously pissed. Most important of all I’d really like to see Wyatt pick Lucy before Jessica is revealed to be Rittenhouse.

With the whole pregnancy thing, I’m not sure we’ll be getting that.

But so far the writers have not led us wrong, so I’m hoping they’ll do this part right too. Okay, there was the bathroom joke. And Wyatt acting kind of like an idiot after seeing Lucy with Flynn… and the bringing Jessica to the Bunker bit might have been better handled a little differently. Okay, so there is some stuff but I’m hopeful things will turn out okay.

I did hear that season 2 was planned with a season 3 in mind and so we won’t be getting a lyatt reunion, but I’m hoping that’s bull. We have something that looks like it could be a Lyatt kiss about to happen in the season finale promo so I’m thinking we’ll at least get a little bit of it. Everything might not have been worked out, but I’m hopeful. Last years finale managed to get a whole lot of stuff packed into it and it was only one ep!

To be honest, though, I would be fine with a somewhat ambiguous ending for Lyatt this season as long as I knew we were absolutely 100% getting season 3. Because a lot of stuff have gone down between them and now we got a (pregnant?) Jessica thrown in the mix. That’s a lot to sort through in just two episodes.

Thought I would love Wyatt saying something along the line of this…


(possibly when talking to Carol. See nr. 8.)


4. More Flynn (and Emma)

I really enjoyed the Flynn/ Rufus team up last week. Even if pretty much Flynn with anyone is a really fun dynamic, Flynn and Rufus are just super-duper amazing together and I want more of it. In fact, I’m thinking “Flynn and Rufus” could be the next Mulder and Scully! The Amazing Time Traveling Dicks!




Flynn it up!


Also while we’re at it: more Flynn / Emma would be fantastic. I always found Emma kind of interesting, even when she was a bad guy without much backstory, but with the few scenes we got with her in 2×07 I now absolutely need more of her. Especially her and Flynn arguing and giving each other looks. But all around I’d like more of Emma. Like just her dealing with Nicholas and being bad ass for Rittenhouse all while wearing her smirky face!

5. Destiny /Fate/Visions/Free Will /Choices /Changing the Future (Rufus Not Dying)


This is something the show has been teasing since season 1 – what is meant to be? What’s destiny? Is Lucy’s sister supposed to live and Jessica supposed to die? Can Jiya see the future? Is the future set in stone? Did Lucy have that drink because she wanted to or because she was meant to? Was JFK always meant to be assassinated?

I know we can’t get any real true answers to any of this, but they’ve been talking a lot about destiny and Jiya’s visions and choices and stuff this season, especially focusing on Riya.

And while it’s all very fascinating and I’d love more talk about it (like could we have a whole episode in the bunker where the whole gang just sits around talking time travel problems and choices and butterfly effects and the grandfather paradox?) There is one very important thing about the whole destiny thing and Jiya’s visions, that needs to be proven wrong.

It’s a pretty obvious one.

Rufus needs to not die.

Unless they’re going to use him dying to somehow propel them into trying to go back to their own timeline and create lots of interesting time travel loop/ paradoxes/ wonky stuff. Which leads to him not dying. That’s the only way I would be okay with him dying – if it was for time travel awesome mindblowing stuff to happen. And he came back (never really died?)

6. Something Actually Having Changed BIG Time When They Get Back From The Past


So far, even big things, like the Hindenburg not crashing and a rocket not going off (saving thousands of people) in Europe during WW2 seems to have changed surprisingly few things. I mean sure, for Lucy personally, the loss of her sister and return of her mother changed things. Jessica coming back changed Bunker life. But mostly, things have stayed the same in the world.

I think having something HUGE change would be really interesting. Perhaps after a mission that doesn’t seem that important. Just because there is such great stuff that could happen. Lots of alternate reality possibilities to explore. Rittenhouse sleepers don’t always need to be the focus…

There are some hints of something going down differently with the civil war in the latest promo and having the time team fail and come back to a totally different world would be really refreshing.

In fact, I’d love for this season to end with them coming back and thinking they’ve maybe fixed things, only to have the TV show then some huge war or like the Hunger Game only real (okay a long shot, but something else horrible). Returning to a very Rittenhouse-ish world, maybe not quite a Handmaid’s Tale, but something serious wack would be one heck of an ending.

And it would be a great jumping off point for season 3. Then next year it would be about actually changing the world back to normal again rather than just stopping Rittenhouse, which I think would be awesome and force the team to ask a lot of questions and interpret actions and reaction and how thing ‘reverberate’ through time/butterfly effect stuff.

7. What Happened During the Missing Six Weeks


So just what happened to Lucy during the six weeks she with Rittenhouse was never actually explained much. Wyatt tried asking her about it and in episode 2+3 there were some small references to it, but since Jessica came back Lyatt heart-to-hearts have been focused on other stuff. Which I’m cool with and everything…

But seriously, Lucy has been through a lot. So even if she was just locked up in a room and had Rittenhouse propaganda thrown at her for a month and a half – that is still something she needs to actually deal with, talk about. Maybe she did talk to Flynn about if off screen 2×05? Or maybe that’s why she’s sleeping with a bottle of Vodka under her bed (is she still doing that five years from now when she writes the journal? That’s a terrifying idea.) Some mention of it could have been made in last weeks episode (I don’t think there was but correct me if I was wrong) with Alice in jail and Lucy maybe mentioning a little offhanded how she knows how it feels? Too late now though.

I’d just like a little bit more of this, maybe a little hint to what actually went down, the next time Lucy meets back up with her mother.

8. Carol / Wyatt Meeting Again

This is something I’d just love to see. Wyatt did spare her/ couldn’t shoot Carol, and it would be interesting to see if this makes her possibly do the same for him. Or at least maybe treat him a bit nicer if Wyatt ended up somehow captured by RH. Or they could have a chat if they captured her. I’m not picky.

Maybe she’d even listen to him about how much she’s messed Lucy up and that might help turn Carol around to their side…which sort of brings me to this next one.

9. For Lucy To Get Amy Back and Carol (To Have) Die(d) of Cancer

This is a bit of a wishful thinking thing, but I’d love to see Lucy actually have something good happen to her. Maybe it’s more of a show ending / fanfic thing than a wish for seaosn 2, but I really would like Lucy’s sister coming back and Carol having died from cancer to happen.

I think the cancer thing would be a pretty “good” way for her to go. Partly because it would be heartbreaking for Lucy to have to kill her mom. And if someone else on the team killing her did that would mess with her relationship with them. We already know  Wyatt can’t/won’t do it, but Flynn or Agent Christopher shooting her would still be hard for Lucy. And at this point, I just want thing not to be so DAMMED HARD for her. It’s like come on! Give the poor woman a break for F’s sake.

I mean sure, there is Rittenhouse killing Carol. But that would be really sucky of them (unless she totally betrays them and decides to be on the Time Team’s side, which we’ll see about) and even then it would be a bit sloppy storytelling. Which is not Timeless

But if Carol does change her mind and teams up with Lucy and co, I think a good ending would be Carol agreeing to help Lucy get Amy back even knowing she will die in the process. That would really be the best for Carol to really make a menz. In fact it’s the only way for her to even sort of make up for doing this to Lucy.



This breaks my heart every time…


Once Upon a Time + Lucifer and not much else

So usually in the fall sometime I tend to write up a little collection of reviews of all the shows I’ve just started watching and some of the oldie good ones I’m coming back too.

This year there really haven’t been many new shows I’ve been interested in. I’ve half halfheartedly started watching The Good Doctor which is interesting but I’m not super duper hooked. I have some hopes for Fox’s Ghosted but haven’t gotten around to checking the first few episodes out – but it looks pretty funny, right?

There are a few other new shows I’m mildly interested in, but so far I’m not super excited about any of them. Maybe 2017 is a bad TV year for me or perhaps I’m growing up and getting too busy to nerding out (naaww, you never get too old for nerding).

Also I’m not sure if if the “new” Once Upon a Time should be considered a new show or an old one. All but four characters/ three actors are gone, totally new setting, and while the premises is the same as season 1 of OUAT it’s also different somehow.  After three episodes I’m kind of liking it enough to keep watching even though I was kind of prepared to not like it at all. I think a lot of why I like it is because in episode 2 (SPOILER) we did learn that Emma/RealHook along with all our other favorites in Storybrooke are living happily ever after. So that whole story haven’t been erased and re-set, which I knew wasn’t going to happen but I was still worried. And hopefully we’ll have Captain Swan’s kid meet Lucy (who thanks to the weirdness of the OUAT timeline will be about the same age as her). Can’t say that’s not a big part why I kind of want to keep watching!

So the gang in Seattle we got Regina who deserves a happy ending, AlterHook who is looking for his daughter and Henry just trying to figure out his place in the world/ hook up with Cinderella (the new version) from the Storybrook cast. These three I understand why no one is missing (especially since we learned that they teamed up to go look for Ella in ep. 2).

But what about Rumple? Didn’t he and Belle get their evil kid returned to baby shape and were off to live happily ever after?


Did this new curse make Belle and everyone else forget about Rumple in Storybrooke? Or is CopRumple a dubble of Rumple just like Hook? I’m thinking/hoping we’re going to get the answers before soon.

Also Fiona from Burn Notice is the bad guy! (gal)! I loved Burn Notice and it’s so fun too see a familiar face. OUAT have a pretty decent record of making their villans have decent motives and backstory and redeeming them (occasionally) and I hope we get something more Regina like from Lady Tremaine(?spelling?). I mean dead kid is a pretty good excuse to go a little evil, right? Almost better than dead stable boy BF!


I do feel motives are a bit fussy, which might just be me, but normally I know what’s going on with everyone. We got Hook/ Henry / Regina plotting against Evil!Fiona because…because? I get they each had some little motive but I’m not sure. Same with Rumple – is he on GoodTeam or BadTeam (or TeamRumple as always) – does her remember?

I Regina totally awesome as a bartender?


The answer is so totally and completely YES! And the scene with her and Henry meeting and the whole ‘imagine if I walked in here and told you I was your kid’! Totally awesomesoup!

Anyways, OUAT without Emma and the Charmings feels a little weird but at the same time their stories are over. This season is something totally new, which I’m just going to attempt to enjoy. But I will admit part of why I’m watching is just because of the familiar faces and the hope of re-visiting Storybrooke to see how everyone’s happy endings turned out!

Now on to another favorite of mine – I was going to say old time favorite because it feels like I’ve been fan girling over Lucifer for years and years but this is only the shows third season 😛

Not much to say on Lucifer other than Clark Kent has joined the police department. He’s also gotten kind of old…which is weird. I hope we get more Maze – she was gone the first few eps and I was worried she was leaving the show – but it seems like she’s back now! Also more of the cute kid! Love her!


Other than that, I really like that Lucifer was going to tell Chloe he was the Devil and show her his evil face and everything and I think that would have been really interesting and taken the show in a more magical direction, but I also get why they didn’t do that.

Arrow I didn’t watch last season (and barely the season before that) but I did check out this season premier and it seems maybe worth giving it anther go. I’m also way behind on Flash, which I keep intending to watch I just get so like confused and annoyed when I do with all the timeline shifts. Blindspot I kind of watched even though it was only really good for the first 10-15 episodes and the ending last season was really weird so I’m going to have to tune in for season 3.

Another show which started airing last year (I think) is The Good Place with Kristen Bell. That one had such an awesome season 1 and killer twist that I just don’t know how season 2 can hope to measure up. I checked out the first ep, but felt like with the secret out it wasn’t the same. But if you haven’t watched the first season yet GO DO THAT! It’s so fantastic!


Did I forget / miss some good shows? New or old? What you think about the new OUAT season? Did The Good Place’s reveal surprise you or not? Do you think Arrow will be worth getting back into this season?

What makes a good love story?



John & Aeryn


Prompted by a cold and a rewatch of the 90s show Farscape, I’ve been thinking a lot of my favorite love stories and why I love them so much. I’ve shipped a lot of couples over the years; both in books and TV. Most of them have a few things in common, but it’s maybe not the things you would think.

They have a mission


Abby & Connor

Saving the world from an alien invasion, finding murderers, escaping evil overlords or military vampires in bondage clothes, sending dinosaurs through time portals, going home, starting a PI business, stopping a plague, getting their jobs back or saving the city – most of my favorite characters have a lot of stuff going on outside their relationship with one another. They want stuff. Sometimes the same stuff and sometimes not. The mission comes first – at least at the start of the series – and it drives the story. It puts characters in situations where they need to act, choose and fight for (and occasionally with) each other.

Whether they are doing this in a living space ship, a crime lab or while saving history from a time traveling terrorist doesn’t really matter. The big thing here is that mission brings them together and along the way they fall in love.

Point: Your characters needs to have a strong want, desire, goal that at brings him in contact with the future love interest.  

They are part of a team


Team Arrow

Because three is better than two. And five is better than three. After that it’s debatable. But most characters are part of a group that want something. The dynamic of the group is almost as important as the budding love story. Friends and family, allies and enemies, they all change our relationship, influence them.

Here the classic three people is fairly common – it’s Harry, Ron and Hermione. It’s Michael, Fiona and Sam. It’s Chuck, Sarah and Casey. It’s Percy, Annabeth and Grover. It’s Buffy, Willow and Xander (and Giles so I guess that’s four). It’s Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff. It’s the amazing power trio!

There is also the 4+ group; Stargate SG-1, Team Castle, the Farscape gang, Leverage, Arrow (post season 1) and Bones lab. 

However many they are, the team works as a second (or sometimes primary) family for our couple (to be). They’re all on the same side most of the time (but argue and disagree frequently), stick together through thick and thin, never leave each other behind. They’re willing to die for one another. They have each other’s back, but also provide drama and increased tension. Also the team can poke fun at each other. And we all know a little humor can go along way…


I feel for you Johnny

Point: The team makes for more cozyness, drama and raises the stakes while also giving your characters people with different skill sets to help them and fight along side. Plus we all love people who are part of a ‘tribe’ that will do anything for each other, making the team more than the sum of their parts.

Their stories are not love stories


Elfen Lied

This might be the most important bit of why I love the love stories I love. The story isn’t a love story. Not in a traditional way (as in on page 1: boy meets girl and the story is about boy-girl falls in love, losing each other and then finding one another again). The love story is second to the main plot. Nikita isn’t about Nikita shacking up with Michael. Vampire Academy isn’t about Rose finding true love. Stargate isn’t about Sam/Jack. Mercy Thompson isn’t about Mercy finding true love and eternal bliss and happiness with her super hunky werewolf hubby Adam (but that bit is important too). Their primary focus are other things.

This ties in with the whole they have a mission, but is also a stand alone point. Because a “normal” love story has a pattern, one most of us know. It’s the boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl trope. Which most of us are pretty tired of. At least because in stories where the focus is the romance, the thing that drives boy-girl apart often feel unrealistic or lame or just plain old stupid. It’s the misunderstanding, the accidental kiss with a drunk ex, the reveal that it was all a bet or wrong choice for no reason.

While in a show where the love story is an element of the plot, rather than the focus, the reasons for being torn apart make more sense. It’s about more than getting the girl. It’s about saving the world and getting the girl. It’s about finding the killer and getting the guy. It’s about bringing down the evil organization and making sure your one true love isn’t caught while spying on said organisation. It’s about vengeance and maybe getting the boy. It’s about nearly blowing up a galaxy (including yourself, your wife and newborn kid) to get everyone to stop killing each other and agree to peaceful negotiations.

Point: When the story is not a ‘normal’ love story and the drama is caused by a bigger storyline rather than something to do with a conflict between the boy-girl, it makes the story feel more believable and enjoyable.

They took their sweet time getting together



It took Bones/ Booth like what? 5-6 seasons to get together. Castle / Beckett four. Mercy and Adam don’t seriously get together until book 3. Fiona and Michael have a one-off thing but don’t really commit for a long time. Percy and Annabeth don’t hook up until the end (granted they were kids in the beginning). Ron / Hermione took what? Seven books? Chuck and Sara? Well they fake dated but after that it took a while. Sam and Jack (Stargate SG-1) never ‘officially’ even got together. Eragon and Arya didn’t even get a proper kiss. Rose and Dimitri spend three books falling in love and then just as they get together he gets turned into a Strigoi. Heck it even took Katniss and Peeta ages to get together (I don’t really care about them but it’s still a good example).

But here is the important bit: even though the characters aren’t officially a couple, my fave ships are kind of together. They spend all their time around each other, saving each other’s lives, helping with each others problems. They trust each other. They’re just in denial about their feelings, don’t want to risk being hurt, their is bad timing. Point is, they’re a couple before becoming a real couple-couple. Sometimes they’re even together but haven’t quite worked out the kinks and end up breaking up but still beeing together-but-not-together.  Anyway, we know they love each other and are meant to be before they do, we feel and see the things they miss. 


This I think is a key point in writing romance, and something that seems to be skipped over a lot. You have your characters, you have your love story thought out, you have the conflict and the thing that forces them to resolve it, the ‘boy loses girl’ and the reunion all thought out. The problem is, a lot of the time, authors / creators just tend to skip over the bit where we learn why the characters are perfect for each other. The actual falling in love. The good times when they’re actually working together and are talking (having lots and lots of sex do not count as falling in love, something lots of modern ‘romance’ novelist seems to have forgotten. Falling in lust is not falling in love).

It truly baffles me sometimes. Mostly when reading romance, where the characters just suddenly love each other. After seeing someone in class and speaking to them twice, they’re meant to be soulmates? That makes no sense. Same with some TV shows. Like why does Cat like Vincent so much in Beauty and the Beast? Willing to risk it all for him after five minutes? Why did Oliver pine so much for Laurel when they don’t match at all? Even when she hated him? Makes no sense! Clare in the Mortal Instrument and her love interest Jace have zero chemistry and he’s kind of an ass half the time (granted I only watched like five eps of this show) so why are they so into one another? Without the author they’d just leave another alone and get on with their lives.

Even some of my fave books are guilty. Like why would Harry suddenly like Ginny, his BFF’s little annoying sister? (I mean did anyone ship Ginny/ Harry? I mean I know he needed a baby mama to have the kids they were going to name all the dead people after but why not Luna who was so much more awesome as a character?) Sydney in Bloodlines go from slow burn sweet high school-ish love with Adrian to giving up her freedom to save him to married with children in two books. Kind of weird because two books ago she was kind freaked out by vampires. I still like her and Adrian but sometimes love is just rushed at that makes me annoyed. 

So while love at first sight might sound romantic, and maybe in real life it is, in fiction, suddenly meeting a guy and then being in love with him three hours later, willing to die, give up your goal, dreams and lifestyle makes no sense. Bella has known Edward for what? Four months and she wants to be with him forever and become a vampire (okay I would too, but not because I wanted to be with him forever (can you say boring) but rather because being immortal and having super speed and strength and lots of money seems like a sweet deal.) Every Cinderella story ever written is this: the girl spends a few hours with a guy and WHAM they’re soulmates.


I mean, I can buy it in animated Disney movies (even though they do love better these days with both Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn and Frozen’s Anna and Kristoff spend most of the movie together before actually realizing they are perfect for one another and Frozen actually subverting this trope with the love at first sight with Hans) but live action TV and novels?

Seriously, to make a love story feel real, your characters need to experience some stuff together. Talk. Maybe have mad passionate monkey sex. Maybe not. Just don’t let the relationship just poof into being.


It only took them 4 years…to kiss

I mean it took Castle and Beckett four years to even make out (well there was the parking lot). Jack and Emily take until the last episodes to finally hook up and get married. TVD’s Caroline/ Stefan were friends for like six seasons before they got their first kiss. I’m not saying either Castle, TVD or Revenge handled their ships perfectly but they worked a heck of alot better for me than the hello! I love you! scenarios you see sometimes.

Point: Just like real relationships, fictional ones take time to develop. Don’t rush into it. If you’re writing a series, let the romance go slow. If you’re doing something stand alone, don’t try to do too much and make sure to develop the love and not force it, before you have the couple actually get together.


This was my thoughts on relationships based on some of my favorite shows and books. It’s not the ultimate truth or the perfect way to write a love story. It’s what I think works, what I personally enjoy. What I think makes for epic love stories. I like the slow burn, the mission, the action, the life and death and saving each other. And the world. Don’t forget saving the world. Unless your too busy blowing it up to save it.



Review: Blindspot 1×10 “Evil Handmade Instrument”

OMG! Just watched the mid season finale of Blindspot (1×10 “Evil Handmade Instrument”) and can’t believe I’ll have to wait like three months to see what happens next. So unfair. Yeah, SPOILERS ahead, you have been warned, also if you haven’t watched this ep, I’d suggest stopping like five minutes before the end (somewhere around the “Great timing” line). That way the cliffhanger will make you less crazy (or well you’ll miss it which means it can’t make you crazy at all!)

Anyway, moving on the the actual review part of this. What to say about this episode…we had dead boyfriend, Russian spies, Jaimie Alexander speaking Russian, Patterson being kind of sad but mostly in denial, take down on a big boat, a Kurt/Jane kiss! (happy dance), Jane being kidnapped, the Natasha agent quitting (but since the bad guy blackmailing her dies (yay!) this is probably not going to stick and shocking (at least kind of) revelations about Jane’s amnesia and tattoos.

Over all this episode felt a little like it was trying to cram a little too much into it and while it did give us Cute First Kiss, I didn’t love it as much as I’d expected. Maybe because last week playing dress up and going undercover (and Rich .com) was so awesome and so much fun. Maybe because the ending leaves me too much to wonder about and makes me worried about if it’s going to change the shows awesome dynamics and stuff. Maybe I’ve just been obsessing to much about the show and have unrealistic expectations 😛

So my two favorite moment in this ep. actually follow each other and both come at the end; Jane and Patterson talking/ Patterson finally being sad and then Jane and Weller’s Cute First Kiss.


“Just…I wanted a moment that was just us.”


So glad they didn’t turn Blindspot into another one of those “Will-they-won’t-they” shows where it takes like three seasons before the couple you ship lip lock. Not that I don’t like those, but sometimes it’s nice when something a little different happens. Besides way more realistic this way, because if you’re really into someone you don’t just hang around them for years without making a move (yes I’m talking to you Richard Castle). I mean I guess some characters do, but I can’t really see Jane doing that. She’s a go and get em kind of girl.

Anyway really liked the Cute First Kiss, Jane being the one to initiate it, Weller’s little smile and the nephew interrupting. Jane / Kurt are seriously becoming one of my favorite ships! Do they have a ship name yet? Think I’ve seen Jeller and Kane somewhere. Kane sounds cooler but I’ve seen more Jeller so I guess that’s the one we’re going with!

So promo for the spring season. Half of the clips are from previous episodes, pretty much only the scene with the guy with the tree tattoos are new.

Most important question I hope we get an answer for in 1×11 is if Jane is Talyor Shaw. If she isn’t, then that raises the question of why she would send herself to Weller. If she is, then that still begs the question where has she been for twenty-five years? Why did Talyor/ Jane / whoever she is come up with this crazy plan?  What is the plan? Will this guy really tell her anything ? What are the “very terrible” things the FBI are into? Something to do with Daylight or Orion or something else?

I guess all will be answered…in three months *tear*

Review: Under the Dome 2×01

Wow it’s been ages since I posted anything. Guess I haven’t seen anything to get excited/annoyed/pissed about for so long. Or just been lazy about posting things.

So season 2 of Under the Dome. Finally!

So I was really excited about this. Mostly because the wait has been so long. And I don’t know if it was because I’ve re-watched season one a few too many times or what, but the season 2 premier sort of fell a little flat for me.

Firstly the whole thing with Barbie – I was kind of expecting something more. I mean the town was prepping to hang him. Then things go sideways and Junior who was totally on the “let’s kill Barbie parade” goes and saves him. Okay I guess that was Linda, since Big Jim was all but ready to just pull the leaver himself. But whatever. I can handle the anti-climatic way the way they got him out of the noose. But the way he’s just so damned forgiving and peaceful about it annoys me. He should at least muster some sort of anger – and frankly I was a bit surprised how quick people seemed to go from wanting to hang him to letting him be in charge of building a gigantic magnetic tower.

Also introducing this Uncle Sam (lol) guy, who just happens to be an EMT and have just being hanging out drunk in the forest felt kind of weird. I guess they’re spicing things up a bit, which would also be why they killed off Linda and Angie. Linda I was kind of glad to be rid of, even if she did get to die a heroic (if somewhat lame) death saving Barbie. Go Linda. But Angie? What’s wrong with these people? Angie had so much more story left in her.

But even at Angei’s death I can’t muster up much excitement/anger/tears . I was mostly just glad Julia and Barbie survived. Because I kind of ship them, at least I did season one because of the angst. I mean it was so brilliant – I accidentally kill a guy, ran into a nice girl that offered to let me stay at her house, realize the girl’s missing husband was the guy I killed, fall in love with said girl, then she finds out and manages to sort of forgive me but then gets shot by my crazy ex GF, I manage to save her only to get blamed for her attempted murder. Mostly just the beginning “killing her husband and falling in love with her” is epic. I totally want to write a couple with similar back story.

Whatever. They got a cute little reunion scene where Julia is all like, “Barbie?” Because she’s been thinking she killed him by not giving Big Jim the black egg alien thingie.



Cue adorableness!


“I thought you were dead.”

“Come on! You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”

that easy


I guess they’ll be a bit of a power couple for a while. Hopefully. Be interested to know if the fact that Barbie said those three little words to Julia at the end of last season will ever be mentioned, revealed or important or if they were just there for dramatic effect. Also thinking there should be some Julia proving she’s willing to fight for Barbie since mostly it’s been all Barbie being all “must sacrifice myself to save Julia” and while that is all fine and dandy I want some Julia rescuing Barbie too.

Big Jim’s sudden self- sacrifice/must save Junior thing and  Julia seeming ready to kill him was weird, but I liked the way Julia’s character stayed mostly true to her new “I’m the Monarch and I believe in doing the dome’s bidding” self. Liked how Barbie’s face was all “What’s going on here? Is he’s going to kill him? How do I stop it? Do I want to stop it? This is weird? Is she really gonna kill him?”

Onto something really shallow that bugs me despite the fact that it is totally stupid and irrelevant; Julia’s hair. It was really curly season one.



That’s curly. All super curly. She had Rachel hair (a weird Hollows references. Those of you who have read know what I’m talking about.)

This is season two. That’s not curly. That’s wavy. It’s like my hair and my hair is not curly. I want the Julia’s curls back.


Granted this is after falling into a lake. But I am no expert on curly hair, since mine only curly a bit, sometimes, but usually when I get my hair wet and don’t fix it up it get’s more wavy and wild. I figure when you have curly hair your hair would bounce back and be even more curly after a quick swim. But whatever. I just hope her hair will be back to its normal (curly) self by the next episode or two.

Also how does Julia swim and hug/kiss Barbie really tight (which I love that she does),  with a bullet wound through her shoulder????




kiss 2

See? Big time hugs & kisses? That got to hurt? (Also more kissing!)


I mean it has only been what? Max 48 hours since Max shot her. Okay if we’re generous and let’s say Barbie was running around a lot before they arrested him and say three days? I’ve never been shot but I don’t think I would be up and walking around. Okay maybe it’s the dome healing her. Or TV magic medicine.

What I am a little worried about is Uncle Sam’s comment about Julia “looking a little flushed” at the end. That could be A) because she and Barbie have been snogging at the nonexistent red lights B) she has like an infection in her little wound and is going to get sick and need Barbie to rescue her or C) she’s just tried (because she’s had a rough couple of days) and after a nice nap she’ll be as good as new and no one will make a fuss about it in the next ep. I’m kind of hoping for option A or C because I’m a little tired of Julia being sick and injured.

Anyway, despite the not so strong first ep of the seasons I still have hopes. I like the promo for next week in which School Teacher Lady (I forgot her name) makes some awesome calculations and confides in Big Jim that they don’t have resources for all the people in town. About freaking time someone (other than Joe) started planing and calculating instead of just acting and handling the problem of the day. So excited about that. Also how everyone reacts to Angie’s death, especially Julia who sounds like she’s having a bit of a crisis of faith in the promo.

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